Created by Gavan Brown of Roxley Games

A game of auctioning and artistic egos, for 2 to 4 players.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Sept. 23 - General Progress Update + Red Wax Samples!
2 months ago – Sun, Sep 25, 2022 at 11:59:27 PM

TL;DR: Things are tip top. A look at some red wax samples + general update on progress. REMINDER: BackerKit surveys will lock down on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, and charge cards on Thursday, Nov. 10th.

ICYMI, in the last update, we noted that we plan to lock down BackerKit surveys on Tuesday, Nov 8th, and charge cards on Thursday, Nov 10th. Please mark your calendars accordingly! 

We have all balls (beams?) in the manufacturer's court (what is the building version of this idiom? I am not sure.) This means we have submitted files and are waiting on proofs for various aspects of Skyrise. The breakdown is as follows.

Insert Design

The manufacturer is currently making us a prototype. Once we have confirmed it works perfectly, we will be delighted to share it with you!

Essentials & Collector's Edition Print Components

The manufacturer is currently working on proofs for all of the printed components.

We have over half of the miniature designs adjusted and ready for manufacturing. We are still working on the remainder, but the progress is very good. Once we have everything fully approved, we will share some renders of what the new sculpts will look like! For now, here is an example of a Work In Progress! 

These are called red wax sculpts, and they are made by the manufacturer to test for moldability and to try to represent as many details as will be present on the final model.  *Note these are still work in progress and thus not indicative of -exactly- what the final will look like, but it is getting very close.

Miniature Wash

A wash effect of this nature combines the final plastic colour with a custom blended wash color, and the two mingle together to create the desired result. The thing that makes getting the sample tricky is that a building cannot be rapidly prototyped in exact plastic colors (prototype resins come in a select few color options). And so, we can only get an accurate sample with a finished injection mold filled with our selected plastics. This means that many proofing steps must come first before we can show what the game will look like with washed miniatures.  We do currently have 1 example of 1 miniature with a wash (which looks phenomenal, by the way), but it is done in basically whatever brown color they had on hand, and we do not want to share it around because it is not yet indicative of the final product.  As soon as we are able, we will be sharing photos of a setup full board with and without the wash effect, but until we have the proofs in our hands, you will have to bear with us and know that we are progressing towards this goal in all the ways that matter.


Thank you so much for all your feedback on the rulebook! We are currently organizing the notes into an edit list and will use that to refine the rulebook further.

Keep rollin' sixes!

Team Roxley

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Sept. 8 - KS Exclusive Key & Coin Preview, Seeking Rulebook Feedback!
3 months ago – Fri, Sep 09, 2022 at 01:46:03 AM

TL;DR: Things are going well. We'd love your feedback on the rulebook before we declare it final (links below). BackerKit surveys will lock down on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, and charge cards on Thursday, Nov. 10th.

Things are coming along nicely!

We have added survey lockdown dates to the calendar. We are planning to lock down BackerKit surveys on Tuesday Nov 8th, and to charge cards on Thursday, Nov 10th.

If these dates are a problem for you in any fashion (for example, if you want to request early billing, or you know you will be moving after those dates, etc.) please email with the details of your situation and your request, and our team will assist you.

Insert Design

We now have a potentially final insert design submitted to the manufacturer for a technical review. It is extremely functional and also very beautiful - we can't wait to show that one off in a future update, after it's been greenlit!

Essentials & Collector's Edition Print Components

We received back digital proofs of the submitted prints, and have made final edits and changes before resubmitting everything in a very polished state. Next step: physical, printed proofs!.

We're continuing to work back and forth with the manufacturer to adjust all of our 3D files to meet their engineering requirements, to ensure that as the miniatures enter production, their details are crisp and at a scale that will get captured well in molding. There are simply a ton of these beautiful components in this game, so this is very time consuming - but we are making excellent progress!

Metal Key

We are extremely happy with the proof we received of the Kickstarter Exclusive metal key and coin. They are beautiful, have a great feel in your hands, and the interlocking coin is very satisfying to play with!

Kickstarter Exclusive metal Key To The City, with accompanying coin. Banana for scale.

And for the biggest news in this category, let's talk about The Rulebook.


One thing that can be very frustrating as a game publisher is that no matter how good your editorial team is - and no matter how many review passes you do - tiny little errors sometimes still escape your scrutiny to end up in the final printed product. It's SO annoying to discover these later, when manufacturing (or worse yet, fulfillment) is already finished.

We really love Skyrise and want it to be as perfect as possible - so we'd love your help avoiding this! 

Our fantastic rules team has been polishing and editing the rulebook, and the draft we have is at a stage in the process where a set of fresh eyes could be just what the visionary architect ordered. So if you'd like to give it a once-over, you can find it at the link below! We'll be tremendously grateful if you let us know via the linked form (please don't flood our email with notes) about any explanations that are unclear, too confusing, spelling errors, etc. 

See The Latest Draft Here:


Provide Your Feedback Here:


Thank you for helping us polish this gem into flawnessness, and for helping the game to thrive!

Preorder sales are live! For more information, see our product page HERE. Preorders placed soon will have their order shipped at the same time as regular backers and will have access to all Kickstarter content.

We'll be back soon with the next update. 

Keep rollin' sixes!

Team Roxley

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August 26 - Still On Schedule! Spotlight on Lina Bo Bardi
3 months ago – Sat, Aug 27, 2022 at 03:07:32 AM

TL;DR: Not much to report this week. We are still on schedule. Spotlight on Lina Bo Bardi.

We're happy to report that things are coming along nicely! 

Some of you have been asking to see final images of the wash - we don't have those yet, but we will definitely be able to provide them prior to the pledge manager closing, for those whose decisions may hinge on it (there's still lots of time left for that at this point.)

Insert Design

We have been working with the very talented Gabriel Martin (of Black Thumb Creations) to create the amazing insert for this game. We have been iterating on it to get all of the many delightful components in the box safely, while still keeping the box down to a very reasonable size. We can't wait to show you the results once they get a little further along!

Essentials & Collector's Edition Print Components

All of the print components have been submitted and are currently being reviewed for production. Once we receive a proof we will definitely be sharing some photos!


All of the building, island and blimp 3D files have been submitted and are being iterated on so that they will meet the engineering requirements for mold production. This is a back and forth process that takes time, but progress is moving along very nicely.


We have been carefully proofing and editing the rulebook, and are in the works of creating a final draft. When this is ready we will be excited to share it here.


(December 5, 1914 – March 20, 1992)

Lina Bo Bardi was a Brazilian architect who strongly believed in the potential of structures to enhance and shape culture. She integrated Italian rationalism and American modernism with local vernacular design into uniquely creative buildings, designed for both art and practicality.

Bo Bardi was a Renaissance woman, endlessly studying, writing, inventing, drawing, painting, and lecturing. In addition to architecture, she created jewelry, furniture, costumes, theatrical set pieces, and new ways to display art. A master of adaptation at every level, she never stopped learning new stylistic elements and exploring new construction materials and techniques and transforming existing structures into fantastic new creations.

Bo Bardi expressed her love for her country through designs that prioritized preserving local history, local building materials and artisans, and public accessibility and usability. Her quest to enrich, protect, and promote Brazilian culture would lead her to create many of Brazil’s most iconic cultural buildings and make her one of the most prolific women architects of the 20th century.

Preorder sales are live! For more information, see our product page HERE. Preorders placed soon will have their order shipped at the same time as regular backers and will have access to all Kickstarter content.

We'll be back soon with the next update. See some of you at FallCon!

Keep rollin' sixes!

Team Roxley

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August 12 - All Renders Complete! Gen Con Gallery! Spotlight on Paul R. Williams
4 months ago – Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 04:50:37 AM

TL;DR: all renders are complete so we're on schedule. Gen Con images below. Spotlight on Paul R. Williams. Preorders are now open.

We've Been Rendered Speechless!

Master renderer James has had his hands full with all of the unique sculpts required for this project - but we're pleased to announce that all of them are finished now, and we're still on schedule! Check out this amazing 3D preview of the new Small Sandstone building:

We'd have to show off for you in this update, but we've already put James back to work on another super secret project, which we'll be announcing just as soon as (***CENSORED***)

Last weekend, the Roxley and Dice Throne teams shared a booth at the one and only Gen Con, and got to show off the physical prototype of Skyrise to people in person!

We also had fan-favorites Radlands, Brass, Dice Throne, Marvel Dice Throne, and Dice Throne Adventures - and it was standing room only in the booth, so it's just as well we didn't have more!

For those who couldn't make it, check out this awesome gallery of images care of Alison Burrell Photography!


(February 18, 1894 – January 23, 1980)

Paul Revere Williams was an architect whose modern interpretations of Tudor-revival, French Chateau, Regency, French Country, and Mediterranean architecture influenced Hollywood architecture both on and off the silver screen.

A master draftsman, Williams perfected the skill of drawing upside down to work across the desk from white clients who were uncomfortable sitting beside a black man. He would tour construction sites with his hands clasped behind his back as he didn’t know who would be willing to shake his hand.

Ironically, Williams couldn’t legally purchase or even stay in many of the structures he designed and built. But celebrities loved his mansions, his luxuriant curving staircases, and his unique ability to make grand spaces feel cozy, and the homes he built for them helped establish Southern California as an icon of glamor and luxury.

To Williams, this popularity and success provided the means to pursue his own vision: that every building he created would open doors for the next generation.

Preorder sales are live! For more information, see our product page HERE. Preorders placed soon will have their order shipped at the same time as regular backers and will have access to all Kickstarter content.

We'll be back soon with the next update.

Keep rollin' sixes!

Team Roxley

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July 28 - BackerKit Surveys Next Week! See You At Gen Con!
4 months ago – Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 01:01:24 AM

Pledge manager "smoke test" surveys coming on Monday for some backers, remaining surveys soon afterwards. Meet the Roxley and Dice Throne teams at Gen Con at Booth 2422A!

Team Roxley has been working hard to prepare the pledge manager for this campaign, and the first surveys are nearly ready!

This Monday, a small percentage of backers will be sent surveys first as an initial "smoke test" of the pledge manager system. Once we've verified everything is working as planned, the remainder will be sent soon thereafter. After you've all had the chance to confirm your pledge levels, addresses, and add-ons, we'll open the Preorder store for those who missed the campaign.

We hope this pledge manager will be fairly straightforward, but we've done our best to anticipate some of your more common questions which we'll answer below.

What If I Don't Get The Survey Email?

Firstly, these may still be being sent into early next week, so don't panic if you're not part of the initial smoke test!

For those who are concerned, the first step would be to double check that your email address is correct in BackerKit.  And as always, you should also double check your spam/bulk/filtered folders, to make sure that the email didn't get sorted out of your main inbox. If you don't hear from us by our next update, then you should check in with us at 

What If Kickstarter Was Unable To Bill Me Successfully?

We'll still have a record that you *tried* to pledge, so no need to stress. If you're in this situation and you've already messaged us, we'll get to you soon! If not, please drop us an email at; we can still manually add you to the pledge manager as if you were an original backer.

When Does This Need To Be Filled Out By?

The closing date also isn't locked down yet, but you will have at minimum a few weeks to fill it out. We will announce the exact date well in advance in a future update.

What If I Have Trouble Filling Out My Survey?

If you have technical difficulties, the instructions are not clear, or you can't find the specific combination of pledge items you would like, please message with the specifics of what you need and we'll be happy to follow up with you.

Or, just follow the sound of diabolical clucking.

If you're going to be at Gen Con this year, come visit us at booth 2422A! We'll have a physical prototype of Skyrise to show off, as well as Radlands (both Deluxe and Super Deluxe) and Deluxe editions of Brass for sale - plus all the goodies our Dice Throne friends are bringing, including the Marvel Dice Throne Battle Chest, and an advance prototype of Dice Throne: Santa v Krampus!

We are expecting Preorder sales to go live soon! If you'd like an alert when they do, you can sign up for one HERE. Preorders placed soon will have their order shipped at the same time as regular backers and will have access to all Kickstarter content.

We'll be back soon with the next update.

Keep rollin' sixes!

Team Roxley

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